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Working Holiday News Group is one of Japan’s largest private working holiday media providers. Made up of two main bodies; “Working Holiday News” (a dedicated working holiday news provider) and “Working Holiday WEB” (a dedicated working holiday information service), we are one of Japan’s largest working holiday information services that do not belong to any “visa consulting” or “overseas study program” vendors.

(Working Holiday News Group does not provide visa consulting programs or overseas study programs via our media services. We are a dedicated Working Holiday News Publisher devoted to providing users with the best unbiased working holiday news possible.)

News articles featured by “Working Holiday News” are published on Working Holiday News, our official and unofficial Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media, amassing a reach of around 38,000 individuals on a daily basis. Working Holiday News is now also an official Google News Publisher, broadcasting our news articles to a much larger international audience.

At “Working Holiday WEB” we provide basic working holiday information as well as more in depth information such as, “Obtaining a working holiday visa”, and “Living overseas” at a country by country level for users both planning a working holiday trip as well as users already on a working holiday.


About Us

Service Name: Working Holiday NEWS Group Co.

Registered Company Name: Internet Global Service Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australian)

Working Holiday News: (Working Holiday News Provider)

URL: http://WorkingholidayNews.com/

Working Holiday WEB: (Working Information Service)

URL: http://www.whic.jp/

Our Team: 18 members

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